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About our Educational Services

The Click IT Connect Learning Center is located in the old Falls Hotel building in downtown Chagrin Falls, OH, across from the BP station. It is in walking distance to shops, restaurants, bars, charming parks and of course, waterfalls.

About Our Instructors

Below is a testimonial and comments regarding a recent workshop held at Click IT.


"Al was a great host. I took away a lot of new marketing skills that I didn't have before. Al was personable, funny, knowledgeable, and innovative in his approach to teaching us. I plan on implementing these new marketing tools to help my company drum up some new clients and candidates through advertising, linking strategies, and utilizing our referral bonus program more effectively. Thanks for empowering us by sharing your expertise!"

KD Drye - Great Work! Employment Services

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"The personal touch. Specific ideas for my business."

"I enjoyed how interpersonal it was. Real life examples were used throughout."

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Unique, Charming Facility

The Click IT office is a large, trapezoid-shaped room where, in 1898, the Chagrin Falls High School football team held its first annual banquet when the building was The Falls Hotel. It's located in downtown Chagrin Falls, a tourist destination since the 1800s.

Completely Equipped and Prepared for Your Educational Needs

We offer a plethora of educational services ranging from basic introduction sessions to more intricate software and hardware education. Our sessions are taught one on one by a certified instructor, who will patiently assist you through even the most difficult of issues that are occurring. At Click IT our goal is to give you an educational experience that leaves you well informed and prepared to venture out in the technological world that exists.

Accommodated Your Way

At Click IT we are prepared to accommodate your educational needs in any way possible, from late night sessions to in-home one on one education. We teach people at all levels of technological expertise and want to give you the best experience possible. If there are any special requests for one of our educational sessions, we will do our best to accommodate all needs.

Ground Floor Access and Convenient Break Area

Our center is on the ground floor with a covered outdoor area just outside the barn door, where students and teacher can take breaks, or eat a boxed lunch. We also frequently utilize our covered outdoor area for educational sessions as well.

Click IT  Supplies All Materials and the Instructor

Click IT has instructors who have a variety of expertise, so when it comes to designing the appropriate training program for you, you can rest assured we will work hard to accommodate all your needs.

Upcoming Educational Events

See our Calendar of Events displaying the schedule of classes and workshops given at the Click IT Learning Center. Click on the subject that interests you for more information.

Rent the Room

Click IT can provide your organization with a complete learning program that precisely fits your company's training needs. Or rent the room and design your own.

What's included?

The Click IT Learning Center comes equipped with many amenities:

  • Your choice of configuration, accommodating up to 10 students and one teacher
  • Pull down 80" by 80" projector screen
  • Projector
  • 65" Big Screen TV
  • Wireless mouse controllable when walking and standing
  • Whiteboard with an assortment of dry erase markers
  • Elevated stage
  • Water cooler
  • Outside break area with picnic table
  • After-hour easy parking
  • Optional dining options include catered box lunches, local food choices, wine, beer, and other beverages.

Click IT can accommodate any needs. If you've got something in mind, please don't hesitate to contact us.