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We're Close by  -  We understand that computers are a highly personal and sometimes critical item. Computers can contain all your business data, priceless family photos, personal financial information, indispensable music libraries, and passwords. We believe people want to and should trust the company they give these things to. With Click IT, you can rest assured you will always be able to trust, talk to and put a face to the technician in charge of repairing your PC.

    • We're Experienced   - At Click IT, we boast many years of combined experience in the computer troubleshooting industry. We often provide third-tier support to other PC technicians by answering their questions when they're stuck on fixing an issue.

    • We're Fast  -  Although we offer no guarantees, we do emphasize the speed in every job we do. We will try to return your computer to you as fast as possible without sacrificing any quality.

    • We're Honest  -  We'll always be upfront with you. The recommendations we give to you are the same we'd give to our best friend.

    • We're Wise  -  Sometimes fixing a computer the right way means planning for the future. Here at Click IT, we make suggestions on what you can do to ensure the longevity and security of your computer.

At-Business Services

Have a problem but don't want to bring your equipment to Click IT? No problem. We'll come to your business. Some of the more common At-Business Services we offer to include:

    • Network Audit and Repair

    • Printer Troubleshooting & Setup

    • Basic Work Station Troubleshooting

    • Network Configuration

    • Backup Advice and Installation

    • New System Configuration

    • Basic Instruction

In-Store Services

    • System Diagnostic

    • Virus Removal

    • Data Transfer and Recovery

    • Virus Protection

    • Hardware Replacement & Installation

    • Software Installation

    • Virus Removals

      • malware removal

      • rootkit removal

      • spyware removal

    • System Optimizations

    • Data Recovery

    • Blue Screen

    • New System Setup

    • Technical Support

      • including network problems evaluation

In-Home Services

Have a problem but don't want to bring your equipment to Click IT? No problem. We'll come to you. Some of the more common In-Home Services we offer to include:

    • Wifi Configuration

    • Printer Setup

    • Basic Computer Troubleshooting

    • Network Troubleshooting

    • Backup Installation

    • New System Configuration

    • Basic Instruction



Our facility is located in the heart of downtown Cleveland approximately ½ mile from the Tandem switch and sits on many of the available fiber rings. Servers leased from Click IT will include our secure infrastructure of firewall protection, environmental control units, DC power plants, uninterruptible power supplies, an emergency stand-by diesel generator, and closed-circuit TV monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year. With abundant security features, disaster management, huge bandwidth, and throughput availability, redundancy configuration availability for 99.9% uptime guarantee and for disaster recovery, and more, using Click IT assures that your server(s) will be housed in one of the best and most secure facilities in the World -- right here in Cleveland!

Save money and get exactly the services you need. All of our servers are custom configured by our qualified IT staff to the specific needs of an application; so if you can answer a few quick questions with one of our specialists, we can send you a free quotation. Below is a sampling of the questions we will need to be answered before we can prepare a quotation: Full 24/7 Support, nightly backups, patching, and vertical updates, GUARANTEED! 98.6% network uptime and 1-hour replacement are available. All of our dedicated and virtual server solutions are fully scalable and custom-built, if you need a more robust solution, a specialist will be able to go over that with you. Our entry-level servers start at a low price per month. Click IT can compete with any price, so if you have received a quotation from another source, give us an opportunity to compete and provide a quotation. Plus, Click IT can save you money by offering fully dedicated VIRTUAL managed servers. Ask your specialist when discussing your needs.









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