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1) We manage I-T so you don't have to: Many don't know that "Managed Services" exist. But this is how business today gets things done, where the responsibilities of computer systems, networks, firewalls, servers and more (all the technical stuff we use today to get things done) is handled by a knowledgeable and capable staff. When your business is smaller, you need that staff but sometimes can't aford to hire an employee to do this. That's where we come in. If you are a small business, instead of using that big box store, off-the-shelf, consumer-brand version of the virus-protection software they handed you (valued at about $60) to protect your data, call us to discover a better way. Those brand-name anti-virus programs are no doubt going to annoy you with pop-ups and demands on your time, unexpectedly, so you need a better way to manage your valuable time. Alternatively, Click IT manages your all the complicated technical aspects of your organization for you, as an outsourced resource, including firewall management and protecting you against all the bad things that could happen, such as ransomware.Click IT takes care of it all.

2) We take the "proactive" approach to maintaining your systems: Today, businesses can't afford their IT to go down. While the "break-fix" approach to IT management may work for a time, it is always teetering on one potential disaster after the next. Our approach is to anticipate and head-off an oncoming disaster before it strikes, unexpectedly shutting you down. (See our blog on what we call "hybrid services".) For each workstation or server under our watchful eyes, besides managed antivirus protection, we conduct daily monitoring and produce weekly emailed health reports. (As a member, if you have not noticed receiving these reports, please check your spam filter or call us at 440-247-4998.)Provided services include: 1) disk space check, 2) vulnerability check - performance monitoring check, 3) windows service check, 4) drive space change check, 5) failed login check, 6) physical disk health check, 7) critical events check, 8) base agent, 9) take control, 10) patch management, 11) web protection, 12) managed antivirus, 13) managed online backup, (optional) and more.

Our monitoring software, which is professional-grade as opposed to consumer-grade, goes through literally hundreds of checks regarding your device(s) each week, which your reports summarize. Your weekly emailed report shows, for instance, results from checking the status of your 1) physical disk health, 2) vulnerability check, 3) critical events logs, 4) antivirus update, 5) updates 6) managed online backups (if installed), and more -- depending on what you're subscribed to. We couple this full report with daily, manual monitoring of the health of our customers' system, by Click IT personnel. If we see a problem, we'll call. It's just that simple, and the way IT should be.

3) We go to great lengths to protect your privacy and secure your precious data: You know us. We know you. IT services can be provided at a more personal level. You will be speaking with the same people anytime you need help. We can NOT see what you do or how you use your computer, but only see the health of the systems that allow you to use the electronic device(s). There is never an invasion of privacy and we only see what you allow us to see, at the time the information is exchanged or remotely viewed, with your knowledge and approval. (We don't store in clear-text customer passwords, for instance. And any type of information such as this, like credit cards numbers, are securely encrypted on our servers in what is called a "hash", which means nobody can see it, and it takes a key to unencrypt it so only a computer can confirm that the password is correct when entered.)

Scheduling Remote Assistance

When you need help, experience a problem or have a question about your computer, the primary and preferred way for you to alert us and schedule remote assistance, is by clicking the big green button at

    1. Get Help Now: When the green button above is clicked, a window will pop-up for you to fill out, including selecting your type of service, your preferred tech and the time which is convenient for you (and him/her) to either call you for remote assistance, or have a service call to your facility. You simply fill out the form and click the "Confirm" button when finished. Your appointment gets entered IMMEDIATELY into our issue log in our Help desk system, so we are alerted you need assistance and have a set appointment. If necessary, we then update the information in our system and you receive an email from us throughout, with every new entry of information we make. Since you have already scheduled a convenient time, there is nothing more to do except wait for your service call or remote assistance. We will be able to address your issue(s) at that scheduled time when you send us a help request in this manner.
    2. Send an Email to Support: You can alternatively email [email protected] which goes to several of our support personnel. We should respond to your email within a reasonable time (24 hours), but if by chance your email wasn't seen by it ending up, for instance, in our spam filters (which does happen occasionally), please resort to calling us.
    3. Phone Call: Obviously, if your computer isn't working, you would not be able to go to our website or send an email to schedule assistance, so call us instead at (440) 247-4998, ext 3, 24/7/365 (extra charges for after-hours may apply) to get someone on the phone. If you have to leave a message, we DO get all phone messages delivered to our smart phones via email, and so someone will call you back depending on the urgency expressed, or as soon as we are able to.

By being enrolled in our Preferred Customer Care program, in addition to basic monitoring services, you can also op-in for other services for peace-of-mind, including pro-active, enterprise-level Cloud back-up and web protection (which monitors Internet traffic and web browser activity).

Because we are able to take control of your computer as you watch, you pay only for the time we spend, in 15-minute increments, for remotely provided, technically-skilled labor. Because we are pro-actively monitoring your systems/computers, you really would only hear from us if there is a pending or foreseen issues, or something drastic has happened which needs to be addressed. Only then would you pay more, which we would advise at the time of service.

As a subscriber, we can more easily help you more efficiently because we can remote into your computer when needed and answer your questions or address your issues right before your eyes. You know who you're speaking to because you know us personally. There is a trusting relationship between you and us, which is best bonded by a neighborhood service and local business.

Consider adding an additional Customer Care module to your package to keep your systems running worry-free. To add any of these additional services at any time, simply email [email protected].


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As always if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can also view and print a PDF version of the information provided here by clicking here.

Note: All services subject to terms, conditions, policies and provisions posted on our Legal Page, which, including prices, are subject to change at any time without notice.

As a Preferred Customer Care Member, (starting at just $24.95 per month) you will receive weekly health reports, typically emailed every Sunday afternoon.